Upside down


We , people, tend to assume about other people. We tend to be judgemental and have fixations. We say things like ” i would never” ,  ” if i were her/him i would do more” , ” my child will never scream like that” and so on. You get the point.

And then, comes the day when you face that exact same situations. And you start seeing so many other circumstances. You get that not everything is black or white. It comes in shades of gray so many times. And that’s ok.

Life is supposed to be colourful, not just black and white.

So what do you do? Well , you stumble, and cry, you tell yourself this can’t happen to you. Everything you believed in is turning upside down. And that ‘s ok.

We change. We evolve. Embrace that change. Embrace that pain that comes same time when you face a reality. Let it hurt for a bit. Give yourself a break. Then, get back and change the perspective. This is the new you. The new mature you. Little bit wiser.

Just don’t be stuck in the past. How do you want to live? Black or white ? Or full of colours?

Add a new shade to your life every day.

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The big day

We haven`t done anything special. We hugged, kissed, we ate and slept.Then we spread some little more love, we took photos, we played and that was it! The day was already over.

Of course, we received the greetings we were waiting for, she was center of attention like everyday, that`s the way she loves it.

I didn`t ask myself what i was doing last year on this day. I only watched her and let her be herself.

I don`t have a baby anymore, I have a fluffy princess!



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First year together

Last year on this day it was just me and him. We were laughing, we were happy. I was 39 weeks pregnant exactly on this day, 39 Sundays counted, breathing harder and harder. We laughed until 4am. It was already one day more above these 39 weeks. At 8 am i was already at hospital, at 10 :35 i saw her wrinkly face. I already knew how she looks , exactly like him.

But i never heard her, now she was crying like a frog. In her first days she looked like a dehydrated fig. I pumped fast some milk in a bottle , i gave it to him to feed her. This way, he could feel the peace she was sending us when she was full. My heart was saying full of pride “Look at this wonder i brought to you!”

I can remember the day she first smiled or when she first grabbed with her own little hands a toy. She said “mama” even before she would sit up, of course accidentally. Before 6 months old she sat up, at 6 months and a half she ate her first solid food, at 7 months she was crawling, at 10 months old she said “dada” and one month later she walked! Where is she hurrying , i don`t know. Teeth came out on time, not too early, not too late. Now she`s praising with 4 teeth up and two teeth down.

Between all her growth spurts are lots of giggly moments i can`t describe or preserve. They will remain only in my memories. Now she`s eating well, a lot and yells “dada” whenever she wants to play with ball and “mama” whenever she`s in trouble. I spoil her, i kiss her and he makes run back and forth , teaches her how to dance and how to make goofy faces.

Tomorrow is a big day. For me , not for her. She`s fine, full of life. I long for her, for her love. Tomorrow i`m celebrating one year since i said ” Oh God, i feel like until now i lived for nothing. My life was so empty without her!”

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